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Collar For Collar Launches Apparel Website To Help Dogs In Need of Resources


Online Retailer Offers Unique Shirts, Hats and Canine Accessories and Donates Half the Profits to Rescue Organizations

Kansas City, MO – A new Kansas City-based company, Collar For Collar, made it’s first donation in support of dogs in need one week ago, cutting a check for over $2500 to KC Pet Project. Collar For Collar is an online apparel retailer that donates 50% of their profits to animal support organizations. KC Pet Project was their partner for the month of June and they’ve hooked up with Great Plains SPCA for the month of July. 

“First and foremost, we are looking to help dogs in need. We’re passionate about our apparel, too, but our focus is on the dogs,” said Ryan Rodenburg, one of the founders of the company. “We hope to build a company that is nationally recognized as the leader in canine cause apparel. Dogs are family to us and we are firmly dedicated to executing our vision of a brand that has awesome products, great appeal to our customers, and most of all makes an enduring impact on the overwhelming problem of dogs in need of care, shelter, and love everywhere”

Collar For Collar’s signature items are high quality T-shirts that display the purchaser’s commitment to the cause with the CFC name, a unique design, or nothing more than a simple and subtle icon tag on the collar. A collar purchased helps a collar somewhere in need, hence Collar For Collar. 

“We look at Collar For Collar and the organizations that we support as being 50/50 partners. We handle the aspects of the business that we are good at and our partner organizations handle their specialty, which is doing the great work of saving the lives of dogs on a daily basis,” said Cameron Kirkpatrick, the other founder of the company. “As long as we keep churning out imaginative, quality items that people want to purchase and continue to give our customers a great buying experience, we feel that we can create the proverbial ‘win-win’ with these organizations, and ultimately dogs, all over the country.” 

“We are having a great time getting to know the employees at our partner organizations, all of the dog advocates out there, the wonderful volunteers, and generally all of the supporters of the cause,” said Steve Laurenzo, Director of Communications at Collar For Collar. “The feedback we are getting has been extremely positive. We are expanding our product offerings and looking to carry this momentum forward in and effort to help save even more dogs.”

To learn more about Collar For Collar, you can visit them at or contact them at [email protected]